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NET WT. 7 OZ (198g)

Taste the authentic

Our original Fermented Tea Leaf Dressing can now be enjoyed at home. Naturally loaded with flavonoids and catechins - a potent variety of antioxidants, these tender green tea buds are hand-picked and fermented by organic tea farmers in Burma to create a delicious umami-rich flavor that is savory, energizing and unforgettable. 

Use as dressing or marinade. 


Fermented Tea-Aioli - Vegan (A).jpg


NET WT. 8 OZ (226g)

Dairy-Free • Egg-Free • Gluten-Free

The best way to get the most nutritional benefit from tea is to eat the whole leaf. Our newest item, Burma Love Tea-Aioli, is a delicious umami-rich aioli that is savory, energizing and unforgettable as spread, dressing or dip.  The tender green tea buds used in Tea-Aioli are hand-picked and fermented by organic tea farmers in Burma and naturally loaded with flavonoids and catechin — a potent variety of antioxidants. 


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NET WT. 7.5 OZ (213g)

Perfect with our Fermented Tea Leaf Dressing

Make Burma Superstar's award-winning Fermented Tea Leaf Salad at home using our Traditional Burmese Crunchy Mix, a medley of roasted peanuts, fried garlic chips, fried yellow split peas, toasted sunflower and sesame seed. Also makes a savory snack. 


Grab-n-Go Fermented Tea Leaf Salad - Vegan (A) Transparent.jpg

GRAB & Go fermented tea leaf salad kit

NET WT. 10 OZ (284g)

The original from Burma Superstar Restaurants

The original Burma Superstar award winning Fermented Tea Leaf Salad has been recreated using the freshest ingredients for a perfect tea leaf salad experience wherever you are. 


Lotus Chips (A) square.jpg

burma love lotus chips

NET WT. 3 OZ (85g)

Original Flavor - Gluten free

Our traditional Lotus Chips are a favorite of the San Francisco Bay Area Burma Superstar and Burma Love restaurants. These hand-sliced lotus chips are made from the roots of the revered lotus flower and naturally savory with a hearty crunch. Lotus Chips are an excellent alternative to the usual potato chips, and go especially well with dips and spreads such as hummus or Burma Love’s Fermented Tea-Aioli.